This week’s suggested post: Counterspells from Magic: The Gathering

1. Cancel by David Palumbo

2. Remand by Mark A. Nelson

3. Counterflux by Scott M. Fischer

4. Dissipate by Tomasz Jedruszek

5. Mana Leak by Howard Lyon






This week’s post features the Rakdos guild from Ravnica!

The artworks in order (links to cards on gatherer):

1. Rakdos, Lord of Riots by Vincent Proce

2. Blood Crypt by Rob Alexander

3. Master of Cruelties by Chase Stone

4. Exava, Rakdos Blood Witch by Aleksi Briclot

Does ANYONE else see that Master of Cruelties is sporting a top hat?

He’s classy as can be.

Never seen the card up close. That cane, too…

Just for clarification, found this on the wizards website. Although it’s not the original card artwork, still pretty damn classy.



The new Fetch Lands are stunning

Artworks in order (links to cards on gatherer):

1. Wooded Foothills by Jonas De Ro

2. Windswept Heath by Yeong Hao-Han

3. Flooded Strand by Andreas Rocha

4. Polluted Delta by Vincent Proce

5. Bloodstained Mire by Daarken